Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard 2013

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Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard 2013

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Park, pipe, jibs, jumps, or just hauling ass on groomed runs, the Stairmaster Extreme is one of the most versatile traditional camber freestyle boards on the market. As a Transworld SNOWboarding’s Top Ten Good Wood award winner, this board will do it all. It’s geared toward a progressive park shredder that doesn’t want to break the bank, but is looking for more performance than the standard Stairmaster. It features an epoxy glass configuration, sintered base, and new lowered cambered construction so it’s fast, strong, and has mad-pop off park jumps. Combine that with a specially designed dampening system placed along the edge between the inserts, and these boards yield enhanced impact resistance as well.


  • DS Select RFC Sustainable Core-The DS Select core was built for next level performance. it's lightweight, with no irregularities or finger joints which provides the most uniformly flexing core available. The DS core is constructed with the highest quality poplar and beech woods available. Beech is placed along the rails, enabling the rider to hold a solid edge while carving, eliminating chatter at high speeds and contributing more power to ollies and landings. Poplar strips are fused with beech sections for increased strength and vibration absorption. The DS Select offers a consistent, comfortable, and powerful ride in a certified sustainable full wood core.
  • Custom Weave-E Class- The E Class configuration also utilizes the exclusive Custom Weave epoxy resin system which allows us to save wood core weight by leveraging increased resin performance. The Stairmaster Extreme retains the same high energy Park Perfect longitudinal and torsional flex it's known for, while the Totally FK'N Awesome series features dual 30mm carbon fiber wings from the inserts to the contact points for retained power and pop.
  •  Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Base-These bases are created by taking pellets of ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene and compressing them through heat and pressure. The miniscule spaces left behind absorb wax and allow for extended periods of high speed shredding as the wax wicks to the surface while you ride. This prevents your base from drying out and keeps the surface feeling freshly waxed throughout the day. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast, durable and the overwhelming choice of pro snowboarders worldwide.
  • Traditional Camber
  • Flex Rating-6
  • Die Cut Sidewalls with 1.5mm Dampening System
  • Custom Weave – E Class Fiberglass Configuration
  • Die Cut + Silkscreen Base Graphics
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • 4 x 2 Inserts
  • Aluminum Logo Base Inlay


Effective Edge  
Waist  Nose/Tail  Sidecut  Max Stance (Inches)
 152      1155 25.20    29.50   7.90              24
 156      1190 25.20    29.90   8.10              25
 159      1215 25.80    30.20   8.30              25