CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Women's Snowboard 2016

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CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Women's Snowboard 2016

The award-winning Space Metal Fantasy is regarded as one of the best women’s park boards on the market. This very forgiving reverse camber shape provides a fun experience for intermediate riders looking to expedite the learning curve and take their riding to the next level. For 2015, we made it even better. The SMF has been upgraded with a reforestation certified core and Bitter End Deflection Tuning in the tip and tail for impact resistance. This series is fun for carving around the slopes, playing on features in the park, and even floats surprisingly well in powder. The SMF experience is an awesome one – guaranteed to send you through space and time.

Breath through your stomach. Fill yourself with Prana and feel the cosmic energy. Feel time slow down and speed up and allow the moment to stop inside you. Step outside of the holographic world around you. It is only the mental projection of a higher consciousness; it is trapped in a restless slumber that has lasted eons. Can things imagined will themselves into reality? How strong are our minds? What if the caterpillar had willed itself into becoming the first butterfly? Could we do the same?


  • Flex Rating: 4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – Jib, press, and jump your way to victory with a board that's flexible and ready to destroy anything urban or park oriented.
  • True Twin – Ride switch, regular, or upside down, this board won't care; completely symmetrical from tip to tail.
  • Bitter End Deflection Tuning/Radial Sidecut – A radial sidecut is a single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same arc.
  • RFC Sustainable Core™ – Eco-friendly core construction. RFC cores are made with a single species of Poplar grain, creating a smooth and consistent ride. The wood has no knots or joints to ensure you have a responsive ride with a uniform flex pattern.
  • Form 6 Fiberglass Configuration – Consisting of biaxial fiberglass placed on both the base and topside of the core. Each layer has fibers oriented in zero and 90-degree angles. The result is a durable, predictable board that initiates turns easily with forgiving pop to handle variable conditions.
  • HMC Extruded Base – High molecular composition extruded base material is inexpensive, fast and durable. Capita's HMC is low maintenance, user-friendly and will perform well with or without constant TLC.
  • Die-cut Base | Multitech™ Silkscreen – Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.
  • 360˚ Steel Edges
  • Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PLT Topsheet – The environmentally-conscious PLT technology reduces the need for harmful chemicals while creating a high-quality and glossy metallic topsheet. Paired with DeepSpace™ advanced ink bonding and curing technologies for a killer graphic.
  • Sublimation Base – A graphic technology where the ink is pushed through a substrate into base material using pressure and heat. This creates a very vibrant graphic.

Urban Flatkick– Flat between the bindings, underfoot to the contact points is reverse camber. The tip and tail have Flatkick Technology to ensure a hang-up free ride that is pre-positioned for pressing and buttering jibs.

Size (cm)141143145147149151153
Effective Edge (mm)   1080.9   1096.9   1112.9   1128.9    1144.9    1160.9    1176.9
Tip Width (mm)     276    278     281     284     286      288     290
Waist Width (mm)     231    233     236     239     241      243     245
Tail Width (mm)     276    278     281     284     286      288     290
Sidecut Radius (m)     6.8    6.9     7.1     7.3     7.5      7.7     7.9
Stance Setback (in)      0     0      0      0      0       0      0
Stance Range (in)     22    22     23     23     23      24     24
Stance Range (mm)     560    560   584    584     584     609     609
Rider Weight (lbs)   75-115  80-120  85-130  95-140  105-150  115-160  125-170
Width   Regular  Regular  Regular  Regular  Regular  Regular   Regular