Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard 2012

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2012 Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard

Ready for some fun with a cuddly fur ball? We thought so! Now
with the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy FK you can take your kitty just
about anywhere you want!

You could take your cat for a walk – my cats love it when I take them
for a walk – but that’s easy. Cat power, means cat adventure. Do you
want to purr or do you want to growl!? Now, with sublimation
imagery you can even take your action-cat to do some action-sports
like extreme sledding or snowboarding! How exciting!

“I was sold on the diamonds and lazer beams” said personal
awesomeness coach Jessica Kimura. “ The fact that there’s a cat on
my board is cool too. He knows what momma is up to.” She continued,
“People talk to me all the time because of my board graphics.
They think that it’s cute I have a kitty on my snowboard.”

Jessica got cat power and now she gets compliments all the time.
Get a Space Metal Fantasy FK today and so will you!

Why You'll Like It:

The Space Metal Fantasy harnesses the biggest trend in snowboarding and applies that reverse camber theory in a women’s specific chassis. Modeled after the Horrorscope FK, the reverse camber Flat Kick application of the SMF yields the same awesome results. Elevated contact points provide a very forgiving, fun experience for intermediate riders looking to expedite the learning curve, and pre-loaded camber positioning helps expert level jibbers looking to impress.

Program Features

  • Flat Kick
  • WDT Engineered Jib Core
  • Pre-Cured 420
  • Extruded
  • Flex 3
  • Goodwood - Park


  • WDT Engineered Jib Core
  • Pre-Cured 420 Fiberglass Configuration
  • High Transparent Extruded Silkscreened + Diecut Base
  • Sublimated + Silkscreened Topsheet
  • Screened Base Graphics
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • Silkscreened ABS Bomb Proof Sidewalls
  • 4 x 2 Inserts


Urban FK
LengthEffective EdgeWaistNose/TailSidecutMax Stance (Inches)
143 1080 23.30 27.65 5.60 22
145 1095 23.60 27.94 5.90 23
147 1110 23.90 28.24 6.30 23
149 1125 24.10 28.44 6.80 23