Capita Mid Life Zero Snowboard 2013

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Capita Mid Life Zero Snowboard 2013

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The Mid Life Zero series provides a true twin freestyle experience with an overall wider frame, slightly deeper sidecut, more pronounced shoulders, and distinctive tip and tail shapes. Benefitting from our zero camber approach, these boards are easy to press on rails and boxes. This feature also smoothes turn initiation at the contact points, yet retains stability by engaging the entire effective edge.


  • SS Select Core-Engineered for 'anytime, anywhere' performance reliability, the SS Select provides a prefect balance between energy, stability and pop. Vertically laminated poplar is lightweight and has a long grain orientation. There are no irregularities allowing for consistent uniform flex throughout the deck.
  • Form 6-K-The Form 6-K glass configuration consists of 612g/m2 biaxial fiberglass placed on both the base and topside of the core at zero and 90 degree angles. This configuration results in a board that initiates turns easily, while retaining the pop necessary to handle variable conditions. The Form 6 glass configuration is laid up wet by hand during the lamination process. These boards feature carbon kevlar stringers to further increase ollie power and response.
  • HMC Extruded (High Molecular Composition)-We use a classic, time proven, extruded base material for a range of boards including some of our most trusted shapes along with our most exciting new releases for 2012/13. True to all extruded bases, the HMC bases are low maintenance, user-friendly bases that perform well with or without your constant waxing attention. The HMC Extruded is a special "high molecular concept" base that is denser, more durable, and more abrasion resistant than standard extruded bases. The result is a hard, fast, and reliable base that will get you where you want to go fast.
  • Flex Rating-6
  • 2 x 20mm Carbon Kevlar Beams
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • 4 x 2 Inserts
  • Aluminum Logo Base Inlay


Effective Edge  
Waist  Nose/Tail  Sidecut  Max Stance (Inches)
  155     1160 25.30    29.96    7.50         25
  158     1190 25.80    30.56    7.50         25