Capita Mid Life Photo Snowboard 2010

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CAPiTA Mid Life Photo Mid Wide Snowboard 2010: Most responses to the term “mid-life” involve expensive, red sports cars. But why not just skip all that and rip up the mountain, no matter what your age? Enter the CAPiTA Mid Life Photo snowboard, designed for aggressive freestyle performance in a true-twin, mid-wide package. Deeper sidecuts, pronounced shoulders, and a distinctive tip/tail shape help make this board the perfect choice for stable park action. So skip the sports car and hit the slopes…your wallet will thank you.

  • Flex and Rider Style:CFS Carbon Fiber Reinforcements: Carbon Fiber Beams begin in the middle of the insert pack and go diagonally across the middle of the board to increase torsional stiffness in between bindings but still leave nose and tail more flexible for jibbing. True twin shape.
  • Construction and Core:DS SELECT Core: The DS Select core is lightweight, has no irregularities or finger joints. Beech is placed along the rail, and off the centerline, enabling the rider to hold a solid edge while carving and poplar is placed under-foot, tip-to-tail, for flex consistency and vibration absorption. // Custom Weave Carbon + Kevlar: Perimeter-weighted fiberglass on the base and top with an exclusive epoxy resin system. This technique, borrowed from the marine industry, yields stronger and stiffer qualities. Decreased wood thickness for a lighter board with high-energy longitudinal/torsional flex.
  • Sidewalls and Edges:Full wrap around steel edges.
  • Base:Wax Infused Sintered WTR Speed Base: Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene is compressed through heat and pressure, leaving miniscule spaces that absorb wax and allow for extended periods of high speed shredding and prevent the base from drying out. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast and durable.


  • Tip Width: 29.2cm (151), 29.96cm (155), 30.5cm (158)
  • Waist Width: 25cm (151), 25.5cm (155), 25.9cm (158)
  • Tail Width: 29.2cm (151), 29.96cm (155), 30.5cm (158)
  • Ability Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Core Material: Poplar/Beech wood
  • Effective Edge: 113cm (151), 120.5cm (155), 123.5cm (158)
  • Sidecut Radius: 7.6 (151), 7.55 (155), 7.78 (158)
  • Stance: 25in
  • Width: Mid - Wide