Bern Watts Scatter Helmet

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2010 Bern Watts Scatter Helmet w/ Knit Liner

Colors: Black Scatter, White Scatter

Medium - 55.5 -57cm
Large - 57 - 59cm
Xlarge - 59 - 60.5cm

Designed to be the first visor hard hat with vents, the Bern Watts provides head protection with a boatload of innovative features. The new Brock foam interior is lighter and more comfortable than traditional hard foam helmets, and allows for optimum airflow around your dome. The kicker? Optional snap-in linings mean this hard hat can be used all year long, whatever the weather– you can even add music capability. Groovy.

* Material – Hard Hat: Burly ABS high-impact shell with soft breathable multi-impact Brock foam that circulates air through the foam and out of the lid. It sucks moisture away keeping you cool and dry. Soft, multiple impact Brock foam is lighter and more comfortable than hard foam helmets (but does not meet the standards for action sport head protection).
* Features – The Clip: Snap-in clip system for cold and warm weather liner integration // Twin goggle clips allow a custom fit
* Fit – Sink Fit: Low profile design means extreme head protection, without getting in your way.

Audio- Not Included
Helmet- Style Half Shell
Helmet Venting- Venting
Removable Ear Pads- Yes