Bern Macon Audio Helmet

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2010 Bern Macon Audio Helmet

Colors: Black Logo, Black W/ Hunter Knit

Large - 57 - 59cm
Xlarge - 59 - 60.5cm

Used by some of the top skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, and wakeboarders in the world, the Bern Macon Knit Audio Hard Hat helmet is one of the most comfortable and functional helmets on the market. The Macon features Brock Foam to protect you from any number of impacts, whether on the snow, pavement, or water. The Macon features a removable knit hat insert that will keep your head warm and toasty during the cold days, but can be removed when the temps start to rise. The greatest feature of this helmet? It has got to be the audio system that allows you to plug in your personal audio player without all of the headphone bulk.