Bern Bern DJ Headphones

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2010 Bern DJ Headphones

Black w/ Black Knit Case
White w/ Grey Knit Case

Bern Headphones for music anywhere - compatible with iPhone and Ipod plus MP3 Players

Bern has designed their DJ Style headphones especially for extreme sports athletes like you who want to listen to their favorite songs while taking a break between sessions.

Bern added important features such as a light weight cord surrounded in a tightly woven textile layer to protect it from getting sliced or ripped apart. They installed a perfectly located inline micro volume adjustment switch so that you can easily change the volume to your desired level while chilling. Lastly they made a sturdy knit travel case to store and protect your Bern DJ Style headphones.

Take your enjoyment between skate spots to the next level with the Bern DJ Style Headphones and plug them into your audio device today!
Product details
# Black headphones and Black Knit Case
# Folding Articulated Headphones
# Adjustable to fit your head
# 50mm Drivers
# iPod and iPhone Compatible
# Includes a stereo adapter plug - so you can use them at home and on the street
# Zippered Travel Case
# Micro Inline Volume Adjust