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Being There- Ski Dvd

Field Productions is proud to present their eighth ski movie installment: Being There.

With some of the best skiers within all aspects of modern freeskiing, and a passionate film crew equipped with the best of HD cameras, this movie will both thrill and amaze you. Along side amazing action shots and mind blowing scenery, this movie will give you a behind the scenes look at the production itself. You should have been there when wonder kid Jesper Tjäder shocked the whole film crew with his urban skiing or when Tom Wallisch was head of production at Strandafjellet. You should have been there when Aleksander Aurdal proved how much of a man he is or when Aksel Lund Svindal had unforgettable days in Lofoten. Missed it? Well, don´t worry. This movie will take you there. Featured athletes: Tom Wallisch Jesper Tjäder PK Hunder Aleksander Aurdal Even Sigstad Henrik Windstedt Aksel Lund Svindal Eirik Finseth Anders Backe Ole Mustad Fridtjof Fredricsson Åsmund Thorsen Asbjørn Eggeboe Naess Russ Henshaw Kevin Rolland Thomas Dølplads Jon Olsson Locations: Digermulen Lofoten, Norway Folgefonna, Norway Strandafjellet, Norway Sogndal, Norway Streets of Norway Black Diamond Lodge, Japan Sundsvall, Sweden Proudly supported by: Swix, Head, Norwegian, Peak Performance, Fri Flyt, Discovery Channel, Arcteryx, BCA, Sweet Protection, K2, Volkl, Bergans, SBC Skier, SB Clothing