Banshee Bungee Quick Release

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Banshee Bungee Quick Release

With much demand from the market, we have developed the Banshee Bungee Quick Release. The Quick Release system helps simplify the Bungee process, changing the way we ride yet again. The package consists of the Quick Release Clip and a 30 ft lead line. Simply attach the lead line to a secure anchor point, then hook the Quick Release Clip to your handle. At this point, take a breather, strap in, get your focus, then grab the “Pull for Flight” tab to release the clip. Before you know it, you’re gone! Eliminating the need for an army of friends to hold your Bungee at maximum length, the Quick Release does the work for you.

10ft Bungee + One Handle + One 30ft Lead Line= $149.98
This package is designed specifically for Situations where not as Much speed is required. For example, a backyard, a shorter staircase, or any spot where space is restricted. This bungee will stretch up to 70ft and provide up to 20 mph of pull. The 10 foot package is also ideal for situations where weight is an issue. Coming in at a mere 6 lbs complete, you could drag this around all day without breaking a sweat. Small and Compact, this package is perfect for quick setup and teardown. Same as the 20 foot bungee, the 3 ply braided design prevents snapback, and the vulcanized latex rubber offers stretching capabilities unmatched by any other bungee-type material in the world.

20ft Bungee + 1 Handle + One 30ft Lead Line= $224.98
Stretching to over 50 feet, the 20-foot long Outlaw Slinger can launch any boarder across any surface: asphalt, metal, snow, sand, water, warehouse floor on an office chair – you name it, we send it. The teeth-chattering, skin-scraping possibilities are endless: join the Slinger in holy union with your skimboard, skateboard, snowboard, skis, kid brother, or Grandma’s wheelchair. The 3-strand braid design of vulcanized rubber prevents snapback, while two handles ensure a great ride with minimum effort. And, up to 200 feet of launch at speeds approaching 35mph guaranteeing a maximum of grins, even if you do wipe out.

One 10ft LITE Bungee + One Handle + One 30ft Lead Line= $114.98
The 10ft Lite is our new entry level Banshee Bungee. The 10ft Lite is a smaller, lightweight, and more affordable BoardBungee for younger riders. Ideal for riders looking for a little less speed. This Bungee is a great starter package for the rider that wants to ease his way into the radical world of Bungee Boarding. Recommend for riders under $130 pounds.