Banshee Bungee 2016

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Banshee Bungee 2016 - 3 models - 10 Foot , 15 Foot , 20 Foot

10 Foot Bungee Package : This package is designed specifically for situations where not as much speed is required. For example, a backyard, a shorter staircase, or any spot where space is restricted. This snowboard bungee will stretch up to multiple times its length and provide up to 20 mph of pull. The 10 foot package is also ideal for situations where weight is an issue. Coming in at a mere 6 lbs complete, you could drag this around all day without breaking a sweat. Small and compact, this package is perfect for quick setup and tear down. Same as the 20 foot bungee, the 3 ply braided design prevents snap back, and the vulcanized latex rubber offers stretching capabilities unmatched by any other bungee-type material in the world. ( $149.99 )

15 Foot Bungee Package : The NEW 15ft bungee package in Volt Green was created to bridge the gap between the 10ft and 20ft packages. Great for snow, ski, and skate and the ideal choice for intermediate riders and riders with experience but just getting into the urban scene. The Banshee Bungee cord is the most convenient and affordable option for speed on a flat surface while eliminating the need for a tow in or drop in ramp. The bungee itself is a 3 ply braided latex rubber and is capable of stretching up to 7 times its length. Includes 12" blacked out handle, drawstring bag, and 30ft lead line. ( $219.99 )

 20 Foot Bungee Package : The 20 foot long bungee can launch riders across many surfaces including asphalt, snow, sand, water etc. You can double it up for more speed, or shorten it for tight areas by tying it off to your anchor point. The 3 strand braided design prevents snap back and the vulcanized latex rubber provides up to 7 times its length in stretching capabilities. Launch speeds can reach up to 35MPH and beat any drop in or tow in options. Keep in mind that the snowboard bungee is modular. For a faster pull, hook 2 side by side. For a longer ride, hook 2 end to end. ( $259.99 )

By purchasing this item the customer understands there is an inherent risk in all board sports and also with the use of the Banshee Bungee.  With this comes the risk of serious injury or death