Atomic Hawx 80 Ski Boots 2012

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Atomic Hawx 80

The Hawx 80 offers the perfect blend of a performance fit and a moderate flex, making it ideal for intermediates through advanced skiers or for lighter weight experts. Incorporating their I-Flex design, Atomic has developed the Hawx boot to perform like none other. To give the skier unparalleled traction and balance, the I-Flex allows the forefoot to move naturally under flexion. Combined with Magnesium buckles, to reduce weight, the Hawx 80 is an all mountain ripper. Utilizing the ASY liner system, made exclusively by Atomic, the Hawx can compliment how the foot works in the shell. While your foot drives the ski, the ASY liner allows you superior feel and grip on the control face. The Recovery face of the liner provides softer cushioning for improved comfort. Using a combination of heat moldable EVA and memory foams, the ASY Sport liner gives the best level of comfort while still providing great precision and energy transmission. Combined, this creates a boot with a fit that allows you to wear them all day and the confidence to ski the most gnarly terrain. The Hawx 80 also includes a Cushion Insole to help with general foot comfort, warmth and heel retention.

i-Flex Insert: A flexible plastic under the middle of the foot to allow the boot to flex as the ski flexes under pressure. This helps smooth out turns and returns energy back to the ski to help rebound into the next turn.

100mm Last: A performance width for advanced recreational skiers all the way up to expert level skiers. This is also suitable for skiers with narrower than average feet.

Single Micro Excenter Canting: Single canting on the outside of the ankle that will help correct an uneven ski platform. The adjuster stays right in the center, and pivots the boot without changing the fit or flex of the boot.

Recco Reflector: The Recco reflector system is a location device built into the back of the boot. This allows ski patrol a much greater chance of finding you if you get stuck in the well of a tree or buried in an avalanche. Its not as good as wearing an avalanche beacon, but its the next best thing.

Height Adjustable Spoiler: A quick adjustment via velcro raises the rear top of the boot to give more support on the back of the leg, or when lowered, gives a little more room and comfort for the skier.

Conformable Performance Footbed: Footbed with arch and heel support, as well as cushioning throughout. It will give you the extra attention your feet need to help you last longer on the hill. This footbed is as good, if not better than the Superfeet, so no need to add them as an option.

Atomic Hawx Boots: The Hawx (pronounced 'hawks') series of boots are a little narrower than average, at 100mm, to give firm snow and all mountain skiers the support necessary to maintain control through ice and variable snow types. An insert under the middle of the foot actually lets the boot flex through a turn to help eliminate or reduce the dead/flat spot of the ski. The same feature gives spring back to the bindings to increase rebound to start the next turn. The Hawx series gives skiers that love to carve an advantage on firm snow as they maintain better edge hold through a turn.