Atomic Deviant Skis 2010

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2010 Atomic Deviant Skis

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Halfpipe, jibs, 1080s... The Deviants can meet you needs. Deviants have an 80mm waistwidth and Cap Fiber construction. What are you waiting for?

The Atomic Deviant Skis have been in the Atomic park line up for a while and for good reason, they are well priced and they work. Now with an 80mm wasit the Atomic Deviant Skis have a Cap Fibre construction which allows for ease of use with lighter weight skiers. Built for skiers under 190lbs, the Atomic Deviant Skis make not only a great park/freestyle ski but it also does very well as an all-mountain ski. Enjoy one of the best skiing park skis for the money with the Atomic Deviant Skis.

164cm-111.5x78x102 R 18.5
175cm-116.5x80x107 R 19.5

'10 Atomic Deviant Twin Tip Freestyle Skis

Turn Radius: 18.5m @ 164cm