Armada Throttle Pipe Glove 2013

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Armada Throttle Pipe Glove 2013

Stay fresh without sacrificing warmth with the Armada Throttle Pipe Glove.


  • Neoprene
  • Silly Palm Print
  • Lazy Fingers Tech
  • Microfleece Liner
  • Armada Wrist Closure

Lazy Fingers Tech 

Lazy Fingers is a design that incorporates the natural curve of your hand into the glove’s construction—because you’re fingers have enough work to do just keeping warm.

Microfleece Liner 

Our liner was selected for the warmth and comfort fleece provides and its moisture-wicking qualities that help keep you dry.

Silly Palm Print 

Our Silly or silicon print delivers graphics along with some extra waterproofing and exceptional grip.