Armada Thriller Leather Pipe Glove 2012

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Armada Thriller Leather Pipe Glove

Available in 3 Colors: Black, Deep Teal and Lime!

Armada Thriller Leather Pipe Glove 2012: If your fingers feel like frozen stubs, how can you possibly focus on stomping a big air, ripping a solid line, or throwing a backflip? Equip your paws with the Armada Thriller Leather Pipe Glove and bask in the comfort of having toasty and dry hands. The Lazy Fingers design incorporates the natural curve of your hand into the glove’s construction—because you’re fingers have enough work to do just keeping warm. Armada's standard AR Leather is a high quality leather that is exceptionally durable and naturally water resistant. The Microfleece liner was selected for the warmth and comfort fleece provides and its moisture-wicking qualities that help keep you dry.


AR Leather
Lazy Fingers Tech
Microfleece Liner
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