Armada Riot Glove 2012

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Armada Riot Glove

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Armada Riot Gloves 2012: For those who appreciate efficiency, the Armada Riot Gloves have been designed for you. Ltd. Leather, Hipora Insert, Microfleece Liner and 70g Thinsulate™ Insulation send this glove over the top. Warmth won’t ever be a problem as long as you keep the snow on the outside. The Hipora Insert is a breathable fabric that consists of a three-layer microporous coating structure. Armada's Lazy Fingers is a design that incorporates the natural curve of your hand into the glove’s construction—because you’re fingers have enough work to do just keeping warm.

Materials: Ltd. Leather is naturally waterproof and dexterous, this imported Japanese leather is the highest quality available.

Insulation: Thinsulate™ Insulation 70g offers warmth, breathability, moisture resistance, and it’s washable. The Microfleece liner was selected for the warmth and comfort fleece provides and its moisture-wicking qualities that help keep you dry. .


Ltd. Leather
Hipora Insert
Thinsulate™ Insulation 70g
Padded Knuckles and Handback
Lazy Fingers Tech
Microfleece Liner