Armada Double Glove 2012

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Armada Double Glove

Available in 4 Colors: Black, Lime, Moss and Sun!

Armada Double Gloves 2012: Double your pleasure, double your fun, but no need to double-up gloves with the Armada Double Gloves. With Thinsulate™ insulation, a Hipora insert, and microfleece lining all packed into a sleek low profile leather glove; you get all the warmth you need without sacrificing supreme dexterity.

Material: AR Leather is high quality leather that is exceptionally durable and naturally water resistant. The Hipora Insert is a breathable fabric that consists of a three-layer microporous coating structure. The Microfleece Liner provides warmth and comfort and has moisture-wicking qualities that help keep you dry.

Insulation: Thinsulate™ Insulation 40g is much more efficient at trapping air and more effective at keeping you warm than other synthetic insulations. Thinsulate™ is breathable, moisture-resistant and washable.

Features: Lazy Fingers is a design that incorporates the natural curve of your hand into the glove’s construction—because you’re fingers have enough work to do just keeping warm. The Silly (silicon) Print delivers graphics along with some extra waterproofing and exceptional grip.


AR Leather
Hipora Insert
Thinsulate™ Insulation 40g
Silly Print
Lazy Fingers Tech
Microfleece Liner