Armada Bubba Skis 2014

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Armada Bubba Skis 2014
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We suggest purchasing the Marker Griffon Bindings with this ski.


The binding is not included in the price you see above, if you would like to purchase the bindings, please follow the link below.


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*Please note that any binding will work with this ski, but we do recommend this one.


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The BUBBA is the widest ski in Armada's line designed for bottomless powder typically found while heli and cat skiing. The BUBBA boasts more effective edge and dramatic tip taper than its predecesor, the legendary ARG, but the sam effortless floatation, easy pivot, unmatched planning.

Armada 2014 Skis Tech Features


Our most powder-specific profile. Fully rockered at the tip and tail, with minimal camber underfoot, it maximizes float in soft conditions for unprecedented control, while the small amount of positive camber engages the two widest points of the ski just enough to allow maneuverability on the hard pack.

ar50sidewall.jpgABS sidewall meets cap construction – the best of both worlds. This engineering method combines the lightweight cap construction in the tip and tail with ABS sidewall underfoot, resulting in enhanced edgehold and significantly lower swing and overall weight.

ultralightcore.jpgLightweight wood with high strength to weight ratios.

1.7impactedge.jpgThe edge height and width is deliberately smaller and the steel is heat-treated to a proprietary hardness to increase durability and decrease weight.

5050base.jpgAs the name implies, the 50/50 is a blend of speed and durability. The base for the skier who wants it all.

laminatematrix.jpgWe know from the core out exactly how each ski should react, so three kinds of fiberglass laminates are used in combination to deliver the exact amount of flex and torsional rigidity. Bi-axial fiberglass runs in an “x” pattern down the ski to control lateral flex. Uni-directional fiberglass controls flex along the length of the ski. And tri-axial fiberglass, with fibers running in three directions, beefs up the center of the ski. The permutations of the three fiberglasses are nearly limitless and allow us to precision tune the performance of every ski we make.

absckstringer.jpgA blend of Carbon/Kevlar stringers that run along the tail of the skis to help stabilize it. This creates a better landing platform, especially when your weight is further back than intended. It also increases snap and adds pop to ollies .

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    Light and Floaty

    Posted by Woodliest on 7th Nov 2013

    The combination of the fat shovel in the front, the skinnier tail, tip and tail rocker, and a 20m side cut this ski does work in POW as well as the groomers. After the huge line you just stomped, there is a groomer you take to the chair, right? Well while other rocker skis are flopping and having a hard time getting speed on hard pack, you'll be passing them up. More laps, more freshies.