Armada AK JJ Skis 2012- 195cm

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Armada AK JJ Skis 2012 - 195cm only 

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Getboards is more stoked for this ski than any other for the year, an unmatched powder tool ampted up to surpass even your dream powder day.  As Armada says, If you simply want the best back and sidecountry ski available the new 2012 Armada JJ is without question the ski for you. Made with patented EST Freeride Rocker and the UltraLight core combine to produce the most balanced big ski on the market. The 2012 JJ ski handles blower pow with ease, transitions to busted crud without shifting gears, and it will carve a turn that will leave you speechless.

New for 2011/2012 is the Armada AK JJ... an amped up version of the traditional JJ ski. Offered in 195 cm length, the AK JJ has a longer turning radius and is slightly stiffer than the traditional JJ ski. This ski is ready to charge big lines in Alaska or at your home hill. AK size 195cm only

Tech Features
AR50 Sidewall
Hybrid UltraLight Core
EST Freeride Rocker
50/50 Base
CK Stringer
Laminate Matrix
1.7 Impact Edge

Flex Chart:


Comfort Zone:



JJ 126-136-115-133-123 @ 175cm- 12m

JJ 126-136-115-133-123 @ 185cm- 14m

AK JJ 131-141-120-138-128 @ 195cm- 18m

AK JJ is $25 more than JJ.



A blend of Carbon/Kevlar stringers that run along the tail of the skis to help stabilize it. This creates a better landing platform, especially when your weight is further back than intended. It also increases snap and adds pop to ollies .


Using select 375kg/m3 wood stringers that have unusually high strength-to-weight ratios, UltraLight cores allow our widest skis to maintain a light-yet-stable feel.


ABS sidewall meets cap construction – the best of both worlds. This engineering method combines the lightweight cap construction in the tip and tail with ABS sidewall underfoot, resulting in enhanced edgehold and significantly lower swing and overall weight.

1.7.png1.7 Edge

The edge height and width is deliberately smaller and the steel is heat-treated to a proprietary hardness to increase durability and decrease weight.

laminate_matrixLaminate Matrix

We know from the core out exactly how each ski should react, so three kinds of fiberglass laminates are used in combination to deliver the exact amount of flex and torsional rigidity. Bi-axial fiberglass runs in an “x” pattern down the ski to control lateral flex. Uni-directional fiberglass controls flex along the length of the ski. And tri-axial fiberglass, with fibers running in three directions, beefs up the center of the ski. The permutations of the three fiberglasses are nearly limitless and allow us to precision tune the performance of every ski we make.

5050.png50/50 Base

As the name implies, the 50/50 is faster than the S7 and more rugged than the Comp Series.


The best of all worlds. Rockered tips and tails combined with positive camber underfoot to promote flotation in soft snow and provide remarkable edge control in the harder stuff.


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    THE JJ

    Posted by Matthew Simpson on 26th Nov 2011

    I find that this ski is amazing in powder and exeptional on the hard pack and crud. The only thing i was disapointed about was I think armada exagerated the sing wheight I was expeting the swing wheight to be better but overall really solid ski.