Anon Hawkeye White Emblem Goggles

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If you had eyes like a hawk, you would be able to see if it is snowing at the mountain from your bedroom window. Get your hawkeye on with the Anon Hawkeye Goggles and start seeing what the real birds see. In the meantime, call in for the snow report and keep working on x-ray vision.

* Materials – Built with thoroughly tested thermoplastic polyurethane, the Anon Hawkeye Goggles are highly resistant to abrasion, maintain a consistent flexibility in changing temperatures and contain superior elasticity to fit every face shape. // The Plush Fit Face Foam is a variable density, hypoallergenic face foam that provides a perfect goggle to face seal, keeping the elements out while providing comfort for hours of riding.
* Shape – Built for medium to large size faces, the Anon Hawkeye features Spherical Lens Technology to enhance your horizontal, upward and downward field of vision.
* Lens Tech – Anon’s Shield technology features a multi layer scratch resistant coating that delivers protection without distortion. // Anti-fog treatment combats lens fogging in the most adverse and changing conditions with dual lens vented anti fog protection. // 100% UV protection // Highest quality polycarbonate lens that exceeds ANSI Z87.1 impact test standards.
* Ventilation – Channeled Top Venting offers a full perimeter channel of venting to ensure maximum airflow and prevents fogging in every condition.
* Strap – The Anon Hawkeye Goggles feature a custom engineered auto-adjust hinge and strap. This patented design feature incorporates proper swing tolerances that guarantee the best helmet compatibility of any goggle on the market.