Academy Propaganda Snowboard 2015

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 Academy Propaganda Reverse Camber Snowboard 2015

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YA! So, Get Boards, aka "GB" offers The best park board ever. With the Propaganda you'll learn more new tricks your first day than you will a full season with your old stick. This board is pressed into a predictable reverse camber shape, so you can feel confident from day one and beyond.

This board is reverse camber. Academy's rocker design is a progressive 1 degree from the center. This keeps the board consistent and predictable. An overall soft flex pattern and true twin shape compliment this profile.

Inside the Propaganda you'll find a tip to tail wood core using lightweight Canadian aspen wood that runs the full length of the board. This congruous design offers maximized strength, consistent flex and unbeatable longevity.

TWIN Identically shaped tip and tail combined with a centered stance provides for easier switch riding and maximized maneuverability.
DIRECTIONAL TWIN Identically shaped tip and tail combined with a set back stance provides for easier switch riding and maximized stability.
MID WIDE Wider mid-section for the dudes with big feet.
STANDARD 1 progression from center.
FLAT ZERO  flat center to  progression.
Different board flex patterns maximize different aspects of snowboarding, response, stability, forgivingness, etc. Softer boards are more forgiving and easier to turn, but less stable. Stiffer boards are more stable at high speeds, but less forgiving. The higher the number on the flex weight, the stiffer the board.
MOUNTAIN Powder lines, steep chutes, fun groomers, high speed ollies and anything and everything between.
PARK Jibs, boxes, butters, rails, kinks, cheese wedges, hips, gaps, barrel bonks, scary takeoffs and even scarier landings.
STREET Handrails, ledges, picnic tables, late night urban destruction.
PIPE Big trannies, hips, tough landings, icy mornings, pop, pop, pop.
SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION Tip to tail wood core “sandwiched” bevvween layers of fiberglass and base material with specially formulated ABS sidewalls. Time tested performance with excellent torsional stability, edge hold and durability. Standard feature on all boards.
TIP TO TAIL WOOD CORE Lightweight Canadian aspen wood cores run from the length of the board providing maximum strength, consistent flex patterns and ensure maximum longevity.
STAINLESS 10MM INSERTS 10MM stainless steel inserts are super strong, light and wont rust. Half-spaced insert patterns allow the rider to dial in a perfect stance. Standard feature on all boards.
CARBON CORD FIBERGLASS WEAVE Carbon fiber cords are woven directly into the tri-ax fiberglass during production, fusing the carbon and fiberglass as one to eliminate flat spots. CCFW delivers a true, stiffer flex curve from tip to tail and increased camber memory.
SINTERED 4000 UHMW Sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight base has excellent wax absorption, resulting in greater speeds without compromised durability, making it easy to maintain. This high end material is top choice for serious riders.
EXT 2000 Extruded base is easy to belt grind to a smooth finish and can be repaired in your garage with a stick of Ptex and an iron. It is less expensive than sintered bases to maintain.

FEATURES • True Twin that feature our standard Reverse Camber that is progressive 1 degree from center. • Soft flex pattern with an environmentally friendly core. • Amazing pop and will not lose board memory and pack out like most jib boards. • Blunted tip and tail. • Centered stance.

Best park board ever, period. You'll learn more tricks in one day on this board than a year on your current stick. Reverse Camber that works.




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    Bruce Lee

    Posted by Glen on 23rd Sep 2014

    That round house explains everything this board has to offer! Handles business proper!