Academy Graduate Snowboard 2023

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Academy Graduate Snowboard 2023

Our Graduate Series board is the high end charger in our line. It’s a board meant to be put to the test. This Academy snowboard carves amazing on groomer, holds an edge like no other. It rides everything from park, powder, chutes, halfpipe, rails, you name it, but where it really shines is when riding fast on steep terrain. The response of this board will let you know when you’ve done something right and it will also let you know when you’ve done something wrong. Easy ride snowboards are fun and great, but in the end this board will make you a better snowboarder period. The energy you get from the real deal camber in this board after you land a trick or ride a new line will be better than any feeling you’ve ever gotten on a snowboard. It will never fold on you in harry runs outs, it will always be in control from the top to bottom and when it comes to powder the faster you go the better it feels. I designed this board to fit my ridding style and I get better every year that I ride it due to the fact that I can be confident in any situation. - Chad O


  • Directional twin shape with a micro early rise nose
  • Vario Power Grip Sidecut
  • Full Wrap Metal Edge
  • Low Profile Tip/Tail
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  • Elastomeric underfoot stabilizers
  • Booster Flex Core
  • Sintered P-Tex Sidewall
  • Durasurf 4501 Base
  • RDS 1+ damping system
  • Harmonic Tip/Tail Damper protection
  • Matte top sheet

Board Specs:

150 118 28.5 28.5 VARIO 709 24.5
155 121 29.7 29.7 VARIO 740 25.2
158 124 30.0 30.0 VARIO 743 25.4
162 126 30.2 30.2 VARIO 770 25.7
159W 124 30.7 30.7 VARIO 743 26.1
163W 127 31.5 31.5 VARIO 770 26.8