4frnt VCT Turbo Identity Series Skis 2011

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2010-11 Turbo Identity Series Ski

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2010/2011 4FRNT Turbo from 4FRNT Skis on Vimeo.

If you're looking for a ski with a stiff tail, floaty tip and wide footprint, then welcome to the Turbo. This ski leads the Identity Series with the widest dimensions for this category to date. A shape and size range that accommodates all ends of the spectrum, this wood core, sandwich construction fat-boy leaves ruts. We built on an aftermarket camber profile with minimal camber under-foot and an early-rise shovel for greasin' wide open powder turns. The artwork came straight from SLC's Big Deluxe Tattoo (http://www.bigdeluxetattoo.com) parlor where Mike J dialed in an original piece to reflect this skis top-sheet as being two turbo-charged arm sleeves.

"Welcome to the year of the Turbo! This creation was developed to commemorate this skis 5th year in production. I wanted to take this already dominating model deeper in the backcountry. The result, a limited edition ski that has been strapped to the press for special features like minimal camber and rocker in the tip and tail for ultimate powder snow dominance. The artwork is a compilation of the VCT's 4 different creatures, delivering a turbo-charged feel only this five-year phenomenon could handle." - by Vincent Dorion

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4FRNT introduces the C.R. Johnson pro model (CRJ) and adds tip rocker to the VCT (VCT turbo). The wood-cored CRJ features regular camber underfoot and reverse camber in the tip and tail - an excellent choice for freestyle powder junkies.

# Ability Level
Intermediate - Advanced

# Core Material

# Rocker Type

# Tail Type
Partial Twin Tip

# Tail Width (mm)
116mm (168cm), 121mm (175cm), 121mm (182cm), 126mm (189cm)

# Tip Width (mm)
124mm (168cm), 129mm (175cm), 129mm (182cm), 134mm (189cm)

# Turning Radius
25.1m @ 175cm

# Waist Width (mm)
100mm (168cm), 104mm (175cm), 104mm (182cm), 108mm (189cm)