4frnt EHP Skis 2010

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4frnt EHP Skis-2010 Model

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3 Sizes: 179cm, 186cm, 193cm

EHP - by Eric Hjorleifson " This year I completely redesigned the EHP line up, my goal was to create a ski that utilized the reverse camber/side-cut concepts but still incorporated traditional ski design to provide a versatile stable platform on and in all types of snow. Ultimately, I tried to find the perfect blend between traditional ski design and the new technology of reverse camber/side-cut concept skis.

Some of the design improvements are:

The long gradual tip/tail radius/shape give the ski great flotation in powder and enable you to wash, plane and scrub your turns creating a surf like sensation. This long tip/tail shape also give the EHP a shorter running surface making them more responsive and easier to turn on hard snow.

Although the tail has a curve radius it was not designed to be a true twin tip, the tail shape was designed to maximize performance in powder snow. The pintail shape sinks into the snow allowing a more forward mounting position giving the ski a much more responsive, centered and balanced feel.

I recently visited the Matchstick Productions Crew to view the footage from this past season, watching the shots I could not believe how much the new EHP's improved my skiing.

After her first run on the EHP’S my girlfriend, Jen Ashton commented, “I forgive you for the hours upon hours ignoring me while you where designing these skis. They feel amazing.” That’s what she said.

Dimensions: For 186cm

Turn Radias 40m
Effective Edge 126cm
Weight 5.2lbs
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Rider Reviews

As written by Eric Hjorleifson - designer (Canada):
The new EHP's are the most versatile and fun ski I have ever used. They surf the powder, are very stable at high speeds and you can throw them sideways in the pow and totally scrub your speed without actually making a turn. Yet when you get to the end of your pow stash and hit firm snow the EHP’s handle it no problem. I could not believe how responsive they were on hard pack the first time I skied them especially since I designed them primarily to surf the pow.

As written by Torgrim Vole (Norway):
The EHP186 is the softer big-mountain alternative. If your not to heavy, this ski gives you more response than the longer models and works is my favourite ski for cruising powder by far. The most surprising thing about the EHP is that it is (being as big as it is) really easy to maneuver, even through the tight norwegian woods.

As written by CR Johnson (USA):
The EHP186 has brought the sport of skiing to a whole new level of fun, that I never even knew about. This ski is the ultimate powder tool, and also rips all conditions. I have taken it out on the deepest days, icy days, every day in between, and couldn't be happier about the performance. With the new design Eric has brought to the table, this ski can be the most aggressive ski and a very playful ski at the same time, it all depends on how you want to ski it. You have the control.

As written by Wiley Miller (USA):
Surfboards baby, this ski surfs down the mountain. I love to take it out when I know I'm gonna be dropping some vert that day. The no-camber, mellow-sidecut, and early rise tip make for a perfect pow pow surfer. The semi-soft poppyness makes it easy to pop out of the snow on natural take-offs. Basically the most fun pow ski I've ever ridden.

As written by Erich Kunz (USA):
I like the EHP because it gives you no option but to take your skiing to the max. In fact, if Hjorleifson wasn’t such a first-rate individual, I would petition for the name of the ski to be something like “core maX.” Unfortunately that name is probably spoken for by some Euro company, so maybe something like “4maxXx” might work better? Needless to say, start pounding out the squats and lunges before taking these babies for a whirl or they’ll ski you!

As written by Niklas Karlstrom (Sweden):
I use the EHP on those really deep days. The EHP is perfect for stomping cliffs and surfing on top of deep pow. Even though these skis are fat they turn really good, so skiing fast through tight trees is not a problem.

As written by Charles Bedard (Canada):
Skiing in the backcountry where the powder never dies, I found the EHP the best all around ski to satisfy every features these mountains have to offer. You will find the stiffness you are looking for at high speed turns and aggressive as well as enjoying is softer side in cruising true the trees or bouncing from pillows to pillows. Like is that wasn't enough yet, the EHP allow me also to charge any kind of kickers, it brings a nice different touch from the start of your tricks all the to way to the landing, when you stomp the hell out of it.