4frnt Deadbolt 18 Ski Binding 2011

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2010-11 Deadbolt 18 Binding


The Deadbolt 18 binding has a din of 5-18, a matte black finish with rasta stripe and comes stock with a 97mm brake or select a wider brake
for $20 more.

Features include:

    * Diagonal toe - 180 degree release from vertical to horizontal lowering pressure to the knee ligaments during a forward or backward twisting fall.
    * Zero Ramp Angle - Puts shin in a neutral position to allow more effective and stable switch riding.
    * Interchangeable Brakes - Comes standard with a 97mm but can also get a 115 or 130mm for $20 more
    * BoilerPlate Forward Pressure - Reinforced steel forward pressure track.
    * Oversized AFD - Ideal for wider skis
    * Four Toe Rollers & Gliding Inserts - Ensure 180 degree release and exact centering of the ski boot.