4frnt DeadBolt 15 Ski Bindings

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Zero Ramp Angle: Puts Shin in a neutal position to allow more effective, stable switch riding.
Diagonal Toe: 180degree release from vertical to horizontal lowering pressure to the knee ligaments during a forward or backward twisting fall.
Brakes: Interchangeable Brakes, comes with 96mm. If you need 115mm or 130mm Brakes, they are available for and additional $20 Charge

Boilerplate Forward Pressure: Reinforced steel forward pressure track.
Four Rollers and gliding inserts ensure 180 release and exact centering of the boot.


As written by Torgrim Vole (Norway):
A no-compromise binding that keeps your skis under your feet when they should, and lets them go if they must. And that's all I need from a binding.

As written by CR Johnson (USA):
The Deadbolt is my binding of choice. I ride this binding on all of my skis. The weight of it is modest enough to keep my feet feeling free, yet the din holds me in no matter how tight the circumstances. I like to be able to trust in my bindings, in what ever is happening, and that it the exact trust I find in the Deadbolt.

As written by Wiley Miller (USA):
When I think about bindings I think about durability. Bindings take so much abuse, and can deteriorate fast if your riding hard. The Deadbolt is one of the most solid bindings out there. I've gone through bindings in the past, always stripping the heal adjustment plate, but these bindings took the abuse and held strong all season.

As written by Even Sigstad (Norway):
The Deadbolt binding has always been a good friend of mine. Stable, light and solid, just like a binding should be! And yeah, they always come with flashing nice colours, so the whole lift line would be jealous at you!

As written by Finn Anderson (USA):
The 5-15 is one of the few bindings I have felt comfortable skiing on. I never have to worry about knee or other binding-related injuries because the deadbolts knee-friendly design is keepin’ me safe. I could never complain about these bindings.

As written by Erich Kunz (USA):
The Deadbolt does what it should; it keeps your skis attached to your boots and releases when they are supposed to. Just like 4FRNT’s skis, these bindings are what some skier types might refer to as “bomber,” but I would personally say something like “these bindings are the .......t.”

As written by Niklas Karlstrom (Sweden):
There's nothing more important then being able to trust your binding. With that said you want a trustable/stable binding like the Deadbolt. It has given me the confidence to do whatever I feel like on the mountain.

As written by Lasse Nyhaugen (Norway):
This binding is a product 4frnt can be proud of. Since I started skiing I’ve never experienced a more solid binding than the “Deadbolt”. Not only is it cool looking but if you treat this thing right it will deliver the goods.

As written by Charles Bedard (Canada):
One thing i really like about my 4frnt bindings is that they allow my skis to stay under me to prevent undesired crash just as much as releasing them on time to once again, save my ass!

As written by Hugo Pelletier (Canada):
I like clicking into a solid pair of binding my deadbolts upon heading up the mountain for a wicked day of stunt tricking.

As written by Shidasha Holmstead (USA):
This is the best freeride binding on the planet! When 4FRNT and Tyrolia teamed up to create this little miracle, they definitely knew what they were doing. At first I was a bit skeptical to tell the truth though. In past years I've broken so many Salomon bindings and considering the extensive carnage this binding would endure with 120+ days of absolute shredding I really didn't think they would make it. But they did make it, and not only did they make it, they're still rockin! I should've never doubted the genius minds of 4FRNT and the technology and years of experience Tyrolia brings to the table. Thanks guys!

As written by Erik Naess (Norway):
Very good bindings that I use on all my skis. The good thing for me is that in mid winter I can adjust them pretty hard, because everything else is hard, and visa versa when it is softer in late spring and summer. REMEMBER, adjust your bindings!