4frnt Click Identity Series Skis 2011

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2011 Click Identity Series Ski

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2010/2011 4FRNT Click! from 4FRNT Skis on Vimeo.

Built on a new foundation, the CLICK! model comes at you in 10/11 with an all new size run and lighter weight cap construction. It's for the skier that enjoys light swing weights and quick maneuverability. The waist width has also increased adding stability when the hard pack turns soft pack and, by result, the park gets bombed. Wider park skis are a way of the future for these very reasons. Intended to be mounted near center by its almost symmetrical side cut, the CLICK! offers control riding forward or switch.

Original artwork by Steele Spence.

When titling this ski, an exclamation point was the thesis of our discussion. The team has welcomed our newest ski to the Identity Series nest with open arms. Loud and proud, the Click! has a 3-piece quiver ready to run for the hills on any given day. All day, cruisers to the park, the Click! has no limits. A mid-sized waist with a 22M turn radius all the same over 3 lengths, there's enough fun here for the whole family.

Rider Reviews
As written by Steele Spence - designer (USA):
Oh Doctor! *credit Andy Woods. What can I say about the CLICK!?! Welp if you have not skied the Click! yourself you need to get with the program! Now, I could sit here and tell you about the astounding pop and and liveliness. I COULD go on about the quick response snap from the HYPERblock wood core or the XX-treeme stompability. I COULD tell you that this ski carves like a butcher on a thanksgiving turkey, is so light weight that you feel like you are skiing on air, and that it is undoubtedly the best park ski in the history of civilized mankind... but wouldn't you rather experience all these things first first hand? Get out there, get on some Click!'s and see the light! That's right people! Come on in, the water's fine!

As written by Kalle Leinonen (Finland):
It's a regular day at the park. In my case it may mean the sun and
slush of Saas Fee or the dark mid-winter days of Ruka. Click! 177 is quite
stiff underfoot, but soft enough when nose- or tail-pressing. I'd refer
it to the old Salomon space-frame ten-eighty, except with more durable
pop and better graphics.

As written by Even Sigstad (Norway):
My all time favourite ski is the Click!. It turns well and is also really light and poppy. Stiff and narrow enough to carve around the groomers but I also use them on BC kickers. Specially on summer BC jumps. I usually rock the 183, but for handrails the 177 are perfect. Since they`re a little shorter and even lighter, it makes them so easy to spin on and of urban rails.

And just look at this years base colour, perfect on photo and film!

# Ability Level
Intermediate - Advanced

# Core Material
Poplar & Birch (wood)

# Rocker Type

# Tail Type
Partial Twin Tip

# Tail Width (mm)
115mm (177cm). 114mm (172). 113mm (167). 112mm (162). 111mm (157)

# Tip Width (mm)
120mm (177cm). 119mm (172). 118mm (167). 117mm (162). 116mm (157)

# Turning Radius
19m @177cm

# Waist Width (mm)
88mm (177cm). 87mm (172). 86mm (167). 85mm (162). 84mm (157)