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There are many factors to choosing the right snowboard for you, but it is not the most difficult task. First, determine the type of activity you intend to use your board for. Freestylers might want a smaller size, to make tricks and turns easier to pull off. Freeriders might want longer models, however, to improve speed and stability. Length is also an important factor when matching a board to your body size, as you will want a longer board the taller and heavier you are so that you can maintain proper control. Besides, you will want to match the width of your board to the length of your feet, choose the proper flex and shape for the terrain you intend to ride on, and ensure your board is compatible with the boots for snowboarding and bindings you plan on using. 
While this might seem like a lot to consider, there are many models out there to help you get the perfect match for you. We offer high-quality snowboards designed specifically for a variety of activities, so the most important things to consider for your ride are comfort and performance. If you feel natural on your board, and it is easy to control, you have yourself an excellent choice! It is always better to use a board you are happy with over one that might sound statistically better, as being relaxed and comfortable on the slopes will make a bigger difference in your performance than anything else.
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