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August, 2008-- Professionally, I am once again stoked to witness the progression of the the Powderwhores, as Noah Howell and crew continue to further refine their skills in the filmmaker's craft. Those now abundant skills are on full display in this awesome trailer for "The Pact," their fourth full-length telemark feature film.

On a personal level, I really love this little preview for the way it speaks directly to an issue that I've been giving a lot of thought to in recent months: The dream versus reality, and how fortunate we are when the dream becomes the reality. When this happens, the even more fortunate among us recognize that we do indeed make a pact, a pact with ourselves.

In exchange for total acceptance of that over which we sometimes have little or no control-- the awe inspiring, overriding forces of nature and an occasionally related feeling of helplessness in the face of destiny-- we are given the power to experience amazing and intense moments of unparalleled beauty and grace. Moments of soul-fueling transcendent reality, far above and beyond the too often mundane world of our everyday lives. No Faustian bargain, this is simply a pact of necessity in the well-lived life of the dedicated telemark and backcountry skier.

Myself, I've recently decided to re-up. To celebrate, I think I'll sit back with a cold bevy and enjoy this latest show from the boys one more time. Anyone care to join me?

The Pact Telemark dvd