Rossignol Fun Girl Kid Skis with Xelium Saphir 45 Bindings 2014

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Rossignol Fun Girl Kid Skis with Xelium Saphir 45 Bindings 2014
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The Fun Girl is a lightweight all-mountain ski for beginner to intermediate junior girls. Power Turn Rocker increases control, easing turn initiation and quickening the learning curve while progressive, size-appropriate flexes help deliver a great introductory all-mountain junior ski. The Fun Girl is designed to help junior skiers develop solid basics and encourage them to experience the thrill of winter and skiing. 
90% On-Trail / 10% Off-Trail


Power Turn Rocker-This ski has high traditional camber for 90% of its length, delivering power as well as excellent snowfeel and grip on the piste. A slight rocker over the remaining 10%, at the tip, makes turn initiation easier and more controllable. Piste - Precision - Grip - Power - Speed - Acceleration.

The introduction of rocker to alpine skis has literally improved the ski experience for all skiers from first-timers to powder hounds to World Cup racers. Rocker makes skiing nearly effortless by simultaneously enhancing steering and minimizing fatigue – without compromising performance – for every skier type. Simply put, rocker helps skis turn with less effort, carve more easily and float better in deep snow.

Rocker is actually a catch-all phrase that describes “reverse camber” or “early rise” in a ski’s camber profile. Rocker is an upward bend of the tip and/or tail away from the snow. Rocker comes in many different forms including: “full rocker”, “tip rocker” and “tail rocker”.

Traditional camber is the opposite of “rocker” and features a modest downward bend along the length of the ski. Traditional camber enhances stability and tracking; increasing precision and fore/aft balance.

The right balance of rocker and traditional camber depends on the level and type of skiing one prefers. Rossignol offers four different rocker profiles: Power Turn Rocker, Auto Turn Rocker, Powder Turn Rocker and Spin Turn Rocker. Each perfectly tailored to the exact needs of every skier type…

Easydrive Sidecut-A softer sidecut for more flow. Maneuverability, safety and comfort  

Cap Construction-Skis of this construction are easy to ski, with a fluid ride and excellent durability. Skis are stronger with ROSSITOP. Maneuverability, Comfort, Ease.


Reference  RACJY04
Size Available  100 - 110 - 120 - 130
Weight  1.8 kg
Structure  CAP
Camber height  HIGH
Rocker height  LOW
Camber length  *90%*
Rocker length  *10%*
Sidecut  107-67-94
Profile sidecut  EASYDRIVE
Ski Radius  10.2 m (130)

Integrated Xelium Saphir 45 Girls Bindings

Xelium Kid-The "Kid" version of the XELIUM system is especially adapted to suit a child's body shape. The XELIUM KID system is compatible with type "C" child ski boots and type "A" junior and adult boots. Length adjustment is tool free. The mechanisms, based on the COMP J guarantee optimal safety.