RED Fabric Cover Mutiny II Helmet

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2010 RED Mutiny Fabric Cover Helmet

Colors: Black Denim, Red.

Medium 57-59 cm
Large 59-61 cm
XL 61-63 cm

Red Mutiny Fabric Covered Helmet: Red decided it was just easier to sew in the cap to the helmet, rather than trying to fit the cap over the helmet. The classically inspired Mutiny II features a clever brim that keeps snow from filling goggle vents.

* Vents – Red’s Airvanced Ventilation is a rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements // Red’s UnderCovered allows you to wear your beanie and/or goggles under your helmet, while maintaining the benefits of air flow. The Velcro-free helmet interior keeps your beanie from sticking to the innards of the shell
* Goggle Compatibility – The 1:1 ratio design agenda helps afford a seamless relationship between goggle and helmet for an air tight fit // Red helmets and Anon goggles have been designed and developed together increasing your experience on the snow.
* Adjustability – Adjustable chinstrap
* Other Features – Compatible with Redphones audio accessories