Marker Jester 18 Pro Ski Bindings 2012

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Marker Jester 18 Team Ski Bindings 2012

The ultimate binding for competitive freeskiers, the Jester Pro offers a burly 18 DIN range. With torsion bar reinforcement in the toe and a fixed AFD, you get maximum power transmission and precision. With Marker's Powder Width design and a centralized swing weight, you'll be laughing with glee all the way down the hill. Optional brake sizes- 90mm, 110mm and 130mm.


  • Din Range: 8-18
  • Stand Height w/o ski: 19mm
  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite
  • Magnesium Components
  • Centralized Swing Weight
  • Level Stand Position
  • Freeride Brake
  • No-pull-out Screws

    NOTE: Bindings with a 130mm brake are $10.00 more!!