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Focused: Season One: 3hours shot on HD
includes 2 dvds set.

Matchstick Productions presents seven episodes of the most exciting action sports all brought to you in crystal clear High Definition. Focused TV is a show that explores the lives of action sports heroes as they travel the globe seeking new adventures and pushing the very boundaries of what was thought possible. From Bolivia to Norway, British Columbia to Africa, "Focused TV" takes you to the very places that the pros dream of. This unique series offers the viewer a chance to witness what goes on behind the scenes and how these athletes manage to do what they do.

Season One Highlights

Shane McConkey skis off the Eiger, throws a double front flip and opens his parachute to fly to the valley floor.

Hugo Harrisson, Ingrid Backstrom and Eric Hojrleifson spend the winter chasing storms and helicopter skiing, all in the quest for the ultimate segment.

Cedric Gracia and Steve Peat go head to head for the World Championships of Downhill mountain biking.

Mountain Bike New Zealand
Freeride British Columbia
Mountain Bike World Cup
Ski Norway
Heli Ski Bella Coola
Ski BASE Europe

Focused: Season One DVD
Format: DVD
Running Time:2 DVD Set- 3 Hours Shot in HD