Skullcandy Smokin Bud Earbud Headphones

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Skullcany Smokin Bud Earbud Headphones

Remember, the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds Headphones are for listening, not for smoking. These potent little earbuds fill your head with a thick musical haze with no paranoia thanks to its noise-reducing design. The sticky-icky sound quality of the Smokin’ Buds will have you passing off your schwaggy old headphones with the quickness. The braided nylon cord adds durability, and the included emergency bottle opener saves the day when you lose your lighter (again). Fire up your MP3 player and let the Smokin’ Buds take you to musical pleasuretown.

Material:Silicone rubber 
Input Connection:3.5mm Plug 
Cord Length:51in (1.3m)