SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones

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SkullCandy LowRider Headphones

Unfold the Skullcandy Lowriders, and blow your own mind with the full-sized sound coming from these compact headphones. Skullcandy made the Lowrider Headphones for those of us who don't always have space for a massive set of reference ‘phones, but who still want to rock out when we're sitting at our desks, catching a plane to AK, or dropping jaws in the terrain park. What's that? “Terrain park?!?” Yeah, buddy, we ride until late April out here. And when the snow finally melts, holler at the empty pools, trails, and woodwork cause we'll be sessioning and cranking our Lowriders ‘til next season starts.

Plastic, faux leather

40mm Neodymium

Input Connection:
3.5mm gold-plated miniplug

Cord Length:
47in (120cm)

Manufacturer Warranty: