Salomon Guardian 16 Ski Bindings 2013

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Salomon Guardian 16 Ski Bindings 2013

Only Available in Large (305mm-360mm)!!!!!

Salomons proven freeride performance, combined with convenient Hike & Ride Technology. The New Salomon Guardian 16 is a revolutionary binding for backcountry and sidecountry skiing. You can switch from hike to ski mode without releasing the boot from the binding. The hike and ride switch is located right behind the heel piece and can be flipped with a ski pole. When it is time for you to start your descent once you have peeled off your skins flip down the climbing aid and stamp your heel down. A sturdy DIN range of 7-16 will make sure that you are in and staying in. The low profile chassis and 80 mm platform make this binding designed specifically for skis wider than 100mm. 90 degrees of rotation at the toe make kick turns easy on the switchbacks. If you have been looking for a binding that has the retention and trust of an alpine binding, with the ability to hike and skin your way up to some freshies, the new Salomon Guardian 16 is the only way to go. This is a binding that will take you anywhere, in-bounds or out.


  • Automatic Wing Adjustment-No handling, but automatic toe adjustment just by step-in. You can forget but nevertheless trust your binding!!
  • Removable Brakes-Just one screw driver turn to take off the brakes and make ski maintenance.
  • High Latteral Transmission-More precision, more control to reach a new level of preformance.
  • Hike and Ride Switch-Enables you to switch quickly from hike to ride mode without stepping out of the binding. Located at the back of the binding and is easily engaged with a backward push of your ski pole without removing your skis. Faster and more convenient the Guardian 16's hike and ride switch is the best solution for accessing the backcountry yet.
  • Low Profile Chassis-A lower overall stand height (26mm) for greater stability and enhanced terrain feedback.
  • Oversized Platform-Provides maximum power transmission and responsiveness for faster turns with more precision.
  • Pedal-65mm XL Stomp pedal absorbs shock under the toe.
  • DIN Range-7-16
  • Rider Weight->130lbs