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This season Poor Boyz aims to shed some light on why our athletes do what they do. For 14 years we've given the ski world the most progressive riders to date with the most pristine locations.

Behind every shot lies a story. "Reasons" will focus on why our crew makes the choice they do, and why those decisions are made. In 2008 Poor Boys invites you into the lives of the athletes and focuses on the finer details in their journey to show the passion of the sport beyond the lens.

These are their Reasons. Reasons is a movie that will bridge the action with the actions behind and give a inside look at the athletes.

Simon Dumont
Sammy Carlson
Jon Olsson
Charles Gagnier
Mike Douglas
Mark Abma
Julien Regnier
JP Auclair
Matt Walker
Mike Henitiuk
Chis Benchetler
Pep Fujas
Laurent Favre
Andreas Hatviet
Tim Durtschi

Reasons Ski dvd by Poor Boyz