Look PX 12 Jib Wide Ski Bindings

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2010 Look PX 12 Jib WB Bindings

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The Look PX 12 Jib WB (Wide Brake) Binding puts the proven performance of Look’s PX series on a 3mm shock-absorbing platform, taking the harshness out of park, pipe, and otherwise bulletproof landing zones. In the rear, the Look PX heelpiece design is already a freeride favorite for its knee-saving elastic travel, which stretches first to absorb impacts rather than just kicking you out (side effect: you can run a lower DIN setting). Up front, Look added metal reinforcement to the Axial2 toepiece housing, a wide 100mm brake for fatter skis, and the aforementioned dampening platform to make the PX 12 Jib a torsionally stiff, safe-as-houses reference for the freestyle arena. Whether you hit the pipe harder than a seasoned crackhead, zipperline bumps like your name is YKK, or just plain give ‘er all over the mountain, you can stop looking for your binding right now.

PX 12 Jib WB

> Brake Width: 100mm
> Color: Black
> Din: 3.5-12
> Heel ADJ: 20mm
> Heel Height at Brake: 19.7mm
> Toe Height at AFD: 16.4mm

> 3mm Lifter
> PX Race Heel Base
> Racing Heel Piece
> Single Pivot Toe Piece
> Teflon AFD