Nordica Ace of Spades Ski Boots 2011

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Nordica Ace of Spades Boots- 2011

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Created by the Nordica Pro Team to have the highest level of performance available fine tuned for the park and pipe enthusiast.
The Nordica Ace Of Spades Boots are designed for the best of the freeride crowd. The Ace Of Spades combines high performance and comfort to make the perfect newschooler ski boot. The design is a three-buckle affair: one on the cuff, two on the lower. Its also a three-piece shell design that is easy to get into and out of while still providing plenty of rearward support for back seat landings. Nordica kept it as light as possible (just 4.5 pounds), and the last is a roomy 102-mm across the forefoot. The dual-fold tongue design provides a progressive flex. The flex rating is listed not as 100 or 130, but rather 100-to-130. Other features: Vibram sole for hiking, Full Shock Eraser boot board for harsh landings and a pant clip on the rear cuff.


Nordica Ace Of Spades Boot
shell and cuff material: Lightweight High Performance SEBS
tongue material: High Rebound PU Ether
cuff profile: Adult
last width: 100mm
flex index: Progressive 100 through 130
wedge: FSE (Full Shock Eraser)
easy-entry system: Quick step-in 3-Piece Construction
sole: Replaceable DIN Approved Vibram Soles (ISO 5355)
liner: Lightweight PFP Performance Fit FSE / Heat-Ready
lining: Fur
footbed: FSE (Full Shock Eraser)
rear spoiler: Quick Set FSE (Full Shock Eraser)
buckles: Micro Adjustable Alu Buckles with Reversed Rachets
macro adjust: 2 Position Screwed-on Cuff Ratchets
velcro strap: 55 mm
additional features: Baggy Pant Holder

Dear Nordica,
I want to thank you for the opportunity to wear your Ace of Spades boots. They are so sick! They fit my foot so perfect- the wider toe cap makes all the difference. The gel in the toe is amazing, because I tend to case jumps on occasion, but with the gel I haven't broken a toe nail this year! I like that the boot bends to a certain point making it soft for park, yet it stays at one spot for carving and steeps. The three buckle design really helps my heel stay in place and it gives me more control of the ski. The rubber heel and toe pieces on this boot are an excellent feature! First, it's yet another shock absorber (for those who case jumps), second they do not wear down like plastic peices do, and third I don't slip around on ice when I walk. The colors of this boot are awesome: the green coincides perfectly with the purple and tie dye. Such a striking combination gets me compliments on the mountain all day, which is much appreciated. I also find the hemp-looking inner boot appealing, and think that could be a real selling point. Also, you should consider making a girl version of this boot, because the girls I know love these boots and wanted me to ask you to consider making girl sizes. Overall, I give these boots an A+. They are an awesome park boots for a park rat kid, like myself. And if you ask my opnion, it shouldn't be too expensive so that other ski bums can afford the Ace of Spades boots. Thank you once again for the opportunity to try your boots out!

Sincerely, Gleb Korolov