Look Pivot 18 Ski Bindings 2015

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Look Pivot 18 Ski Bindings 2015

The award-winning PIVOT is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. The PIVOT 18 is an elite-level high-performance freeride binding with an 8-18 DIN range. The all-metal reinforced Pivot toepiece combined with the classic Pivot "turntable" heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and the longest elastic travel on the market to provide more reliable retention and consistent release. The Pivot 18 is designed for the most aggressive all-mountain, freeride and freestyle skiers.


Elastic Travel-The Pivot binding has the longest elastic travel on the market (40/45mm lateral at toe/25mm vertical at heel). One of the most effective preventers of pre-release, long elastic travel at the toe and heel ensures that your ski will stay on when you want it to, even after a quick jolt that would otherwise cause an unwanted pre-release. You get less pre-release and the ability to set bindings at lower release values.

Lateral Heel Hold-Further prevention of pre-release and increased ski/boot coupling and control, lateral heel hold keeps the boot more secure in the binding and on the ski than any other binding. Because the turntable heel rotates with the boot during release to facilitate exit from the system, the heel piece can wrap and hold the boot heel from the rear and sides. Another means to aviod pre-release and gain more control over your ski.

Turntable Heel-The Pivot binding offers the best prevention of pre-release and consistent release values found in any alpine ski binding on the market. The heel piece rotates with the boot directly under the tibia, release torque values are much more consistent, reliable and manageable.

Short Mounting Zone-Deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flexing, turning, floating and smearing. A shorter mounting zone where the binding is screwed to the ski under the boot instead of in front of and behind it allows today's freeskiers to make turns, spin tricks, and ride lines that demand the most flexibility out of the ski. Butter turns, slope smears, quick turns in tight trees, are all easier.

7 Contact Points-More control, better edge grip, quicker response and more feel. No other binding offers seven distinct points of contact between binding and boot- three at the toe and four at the heel. By holding the boot toe flashing, the boot toe, the heel flashing and the heel sides, you get better coupling between ski and boot than with any other binding.

Extra Wide AFD-The widest AFD on the market 72mm. More leverage and control over the edges, especially on wide skis. Skis get wider every year, partiularly freeski skis. The widest platform and screw pattern offers the most leverage over the edges of even the widest skis. Wider footprint equals more leverage equals more control.


DIN 8/18
Toe piece Race
Glider Teflon racing
Heel piece PIVOT
System Open
Height interface 20 mm
Toe lateral elasticity 45 mm
Heel vertical elasticity 28 mm
Brake 95, 115, 130 mm