K2 Shreditor 120 Pettitor Skis 2015

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K2 Shreditor 120 Pettitor Skis 2015


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Featuring a new tip Rocker radius to pump out more shovel, the most well-rounded pow ski on the market is ready to take on any feature. Built with the stiffness flex profile in the Shreditor series and combined with Powder Rocker, the Shreditor 120 Freeride Ski thrives in the deep but loves to devour crud and firm snow conditions as well.


  • Sizes: 169, 179, 189
  • Radius: 22m @ 179
  • Construction: Triaxial Braid, TwinTech Sidewall, Aspen/Paulownia Core
  • Features: Powder Tip, Skin Grommets Tapered Tip and Tail, Swap Base


ROCKER: Easy initiation, versatility, agility
CAMBER: Control, edge hold, rebound

Powder Rocker-This tip has the most elevation and longest measurement of Rocker and offers skiers a “surfy” feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber region still exists to ensure edge-hold on firmer conditions.

Simply put, Powder Rocker provides unmatched flotation in deep snow.

Powder Rocker

Triaxial Braid-The patented Triaxial Braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled core, resulting in great torsional strength while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood core ski.

Triaxial braid


Twintech Sidewall-Twin Tip specific construction increases the durability of K2 sidewall skis. A traditional sidewall construction produces a 90-degree angle where the top material and sidewall meet. The TwinTech construction rolls the top material into the sidewall, reducing the angle that is prone to abuse, minimizing ski-to-ski impact damage.

Twintech sidewall


Powder Tip-Designed to be more predictable in soft snow conditions, these tips are designed to strike the perfect balance of maximizing float while reducing tip deflection. These tips are designed with a gentle arc and transition into the sidecut of the ski.

Powder tip


Skin Grommets-The new freeride tip and tail grommets are a clean, simple design that no longer requires a plug. The durable rubber coating disguises a slit designed to accommodate both the Z clip for our skin attachments, and the components to build a rescue sled.

Skin grommets

Tapered Tip and Tail-Our Freeride Stability skis are designed with not just a tapered tip, but also a slight amount of taper in the tail. A tapered tip shifts the widest part of the contact further back to reduce tip weight and deflection in soft and variable snow conditions. The tapered tail allows more control as you exit the turn to either accelerate out or scrub speed as the conditions dictate.

Tapered tip and tail

Swap Base-The bases of these skis can come in two different color ways, depending of how the colors are swapped on the base. This gives two looks to the same ski, and ensures you are not rocking the exact same pair as your buddy who just picked up the same pair of skis.

Swap base

Freeride Maneuverability-Playful and surfy performance, designed for versatility in all types of conditions and terrain.

Freeride maneuverability


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