Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings Youth 2012

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Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings Youth 2012

Available in size SMALL

Even young riders can have Flow convenience and performance with the Micron snowboard bindings. And with the reclining high back, even young kids have the strength to put it on and take it off without the help of an adult.

2012 Flow Micron features...

  • Baseplate- The baseplate is made from lightweight, durable POM plastic, which provides support and responsiveness.
  • Toe ramp- The toe ramp absorbs landing impacts and dampens shocks during rough riding
  • Highback- The POM highback supports their heelside and is easy to release with one snap back lever.
  • Power Strap- The CI-Flex PowerStrap locks them down and has 4 adjustable buckles but still allows for slide in Flow convenience.
  • Sizing... Small fits kids 13 to adult 5

Our comments; Without a doubt, the easiest to put on and take off binding for kids. Get the fastest transitions on the hill, along with quality and performance in the Flow Micron snowboard binding.